Oktoberfest ..

Guten Morgen people !

I’m in Munich as a part of my first business trip to experience Oktoberfest. Yay me!

So far everything I’ve seen is so adorable like the houses, the streets .. very countryside. I just got here a few hours ago and am staying at the Airport Marriott ,courtesy of the company.

Apparently to visit the Oktoberfest tents you are supposed to be dressed in a dirndl , the traditional dress, which I obviously forgot to get. Hopefully I get to buy a really pretty one here.

My Oktoberfest journey begins tonight where we will be heading to Hofbrauhaus and trying some of that authentic Oktoberfest beer and some badass German food. We do have a Hofbrauhaus in our hotel too, as in the JW Marriott Dubai but this obviously is the place of origin because of which I am super excited !

Im waiting for the room at the moment since the hotel’s on full occupancy in this little cafe outside and the weather is just amazing. The cool breeze and the warm sun with my cup of coffee.

Im just gonna listen to some music now and stare at the street . Pretty exhausted from the flight and the endless walking.

Signing off for now ! See you guys tonight .



Guess who’s back …

Coming out of writing hibernation feels so good ! I can finally get back to being an active blogger and hopefully be able to keep up with the posts.

It’s been a year since my last post and I know that I was supposed to take you on a culinary trip to Darjeeling which unfortunately didn’t work out but now that I’m back, I will definitely make it a point to deliver as promised.

A lot has changed over a year and through all the crazy work schedule and a roller coaster of a journey, I met someone ( a guy , just incase you are wondering) . So I now have a new partner to food spot  with and no I haven’t forgotten dearest Laura. I’m not sure if she knows that she has a replacement though. If I don’t post any new material in the next two days , you all can probably figure out what must’ve happened to me .. just kidding .. or not ..

We were having a discussion about burgers and I told him that I loved Shake Shack to which he kinda smirked and challenged me that I haven’t tasted the best burgers in Dubai yet . One day after he picks me up from work, we head out for a 5 pm grub grab to Slider Station which according to him is the best place to get your slider game on. The eatery is located in the Galleria Mall. Before I start my ranting, I must say the area around the mall is dope !

So … Slider Station .. where do I even begin ..



I must say I was quite surprised by the many variations of sliders and burgers this place had to offer and it didn’t compromise with the taste and quality of the product which is quintessential. The ambience of the restaurant is very industrial / rustic which kind of made the place look edgy. This was my first visit to SS and my boyfriend’s nth visit maybe.

When you look at their menu , theres like all these tapas items , sliders, burgers and milkshakes. We opted for a few different sliders , truffle shoe string fries and my boyfriend got me to try their Nutella milkshake which is the BOMB !


THE CIRCLE OF LIFE – the slider chronicles

Act 1 : Scene 1

– Enter Dangerous –

Dangerous was a little fiery red slider, her bun so smooth and cushiony. Theres more to her than just a pretty face . Inside that soft exterior lies a chicken fillet so crisp that the crunch sounded like music. The cheese , diced jalapeno and the herby, zesty , creamy Chimichurri Aioli created a beautiful marriage of flavors.

Within seconds she was devoured .

– Exit Dangerous –

Act 1 : Scene 2

– Enter Midnight –

Midnight was like the girl you wanted to be best friends with. Pretty basic with lettuce , cheddar, pickles but had that extra some some, well .. in this case the mustard onions and west coast sauce (she got it from her mama).

She too was devoured in seconds. Not a crumb. Not a sound.

– Exit Midnight –

Act 1 : Scene 3

– Enter Mushroom Swiss –

Mushroom Swiss was like a Gossip Girl upper east sider . Swiss cheese everything . Even the grilled mushrooms and onions had a special sauce. Tasteful and classy.

Devoured in minutes. Put up a fight.

– Exit Mushroom Swiss –

Act 1 : Scene 4

– Enter Wagyu Cheese Steak –

Wagyu Cheese Steak was the basic bitch of the slider world . Wagyu patty , caramelized onion , grilled mushrooms and pepper jack cheese. Pretty amazing and basic.

Well .. this one took quite some time . Space management in my stomach wasn’t going as well as i thought it would.

– Exit Wagyu Cheese Steak –

Act 1 : Scene 5

Like seasons, the sliders passed but the truffle fries was an adamant sob . No matter how much of it I ate , the mini bucket never seemed to end. The fries resembled shoe strings but definitely tasted better. Slightly crisp and very well seasoned #friesonfleek

End of Act 1 .

Act 2 to be continued ..

Writer’s note : The guys at SS do not do take aways so please stuff your face in the restaurant.

Overall , had an amazing time and yes , I would visit again (how else is act 2 supposed to take place).

By the end of this little piece, you must all be wondering why do i not mention my boyfriend’s name and instead have been calling him “boyfriend”, is because .. there is no boyfriend and there were no damn burgers and I just wasted your time.


Just kidding!

He would like to stay anonymous.

More posts to follow.

Grab a burger . Celebrate your existence.



Hellos and Homemade Onion Rings :)

Hello there !! 

I have been AWOL for like forever now but I am back . (I kinda feel this is my introductory line for almost all my posts lol) Anyway I am back home in India and have been quite lazy to be honest . But who does chores on a vacation right ? I haven’t been doing much cooking but my mum has been making some phenomenal dishes and no restaurant can beat that for sure . 

I have been trying out a lot of different Indian food here and will soon be making a trip to Darjeeling aka the Queen of Hill stations famous for their tea . If you take a walk into the little lanes of this beautiful town you will definitely come across these basic cuisines – Tibetan , Nepalese and Bhutanese. 

It’s something everyone must try, grab few local food items and sip tea while staring at the breathtaking views it has to offer. More on that in my next post . For now I wanted to let you guys know I just made me some baked onion rings . 

It’s baked it’s healthy right ? Anywho .. Added some dried herbs to my bread crumbs to add a little flavor and let it bake . Well the result was pretty good I must say and dunked it in some good old Siracha.

A little picture for you guys .Will see you folks soon .. I will be posting my Darjeeling food experience for sure and will try to post as many blogs as I can . 

Buy bye ! 


Korean Food .. Need I say more ? 


Time for another post and this one I am particularly excited about since it was on my Dubai bucket list.

This time Burrito Express dug through the internet to find some good old Korean BBQ restaurant and found it!!  It was not exactly that difficult to find but yeah there were quite a few options that were equally amazing. I put my faith in online reviews and luckily it didn’t fail me. 

HYU Korean Restaurant in Oudh Metha is the place to be if you dig Korean BBQ. The restaurant looks pretty ordinary from the outside and does not show any particular cultural architecture but do not be fooled by that because the food is as authentic as it can get. Private dining rooms with sliding doors and low table seating are available to those who wish to take it the next level and of course you have to be a group. 

The menu was pretty extensive and I definitely needed help with ordering but I knew for sure I needed to try the BBQ. So this time unfortunately I wasn’t accompanied by Laura, instead had another friend of mine with me who shared the same level of passion for the cuisine.  We started our order with the BBQ since that was one this we were absolutely sure about – again variety of BBQs available but we opted for YANGNYUMGALBI which is marinated short ribs which was served with lettuce and sides of Kimchi, sausages, potato salad and a zucchini salad with a sesame oil and wasabi dip. The trick is to wrap it all up in the lettuce leave and take a bite. All the ingredients together, bursting with flavor and complimented the beef so well. It’s a shame there was no alcohol though… only kidding, don’t need alcohol to enjoy my meal (I know  … look who’s talking right?) Anyway … we continued with our order of JJAMPONGBAB which is a spicy seafood soup and I must mention the quantity was way too much for one person. A big ass bowl (was gonna order two of it and our server looked at me hesitant) filled with vegetables, shrimps and mussels and that soup … THAT SOUP was the bomb!!! I could survive just on that for the rest of my life. Lastly we ordered DOLSOP BIBIMBAP which is rice served in a stone bowl and topped with a sunny side up, beef/chicken, sea weed, vegetables, kimchi and Gochujang (Korean Chilli Paste) – Mix it all up and savor the most delicious combination of flavors. 

In all it was a hearty meal and I over ate… Yet again! During all this excitement, me and my friend were trying to communicate with the staff in Korean which was funny because we don’t quite know the language and to add to it the folks in the restaurant spoke fluent English. We probably looked stupid but hey! Can’t blame us we were trying to go all in. 

I have few photographs for you folks to see what I am talking about and no matter where you are do try a Korean BBQ – opens up a whole new dimension.

Until next time!

Annyeong (Working on my language skills) 


Back with a bang .. Umm scratch that .. Churros !!

I haven’t been very active in keeping up with the blog due to my busy work schedule. Finally decided to manage some time out because I really wanted to share my first ever Churros creation with ya’ll.

I was bummed that I haven’t been able to do a lotta dining out since I always tend to get caught up in various activities. Anywho… Continuing with my gloating about my oh-so-perfect Churros!!

The thought of making it popped when i was texting Laura (by now I’m sure you guys remember her.. the Spanish one)when she was in Madrid and I remembered our several dinners at Salero. “Why not make creamy chicken taquitos with guac and sour cream and Churros!!” was my reaction.

On our day off we headed out to the beach and got ourselves sunburnt , I was hoping the results would be a sexy bronze finish but what can I say , serves me right to hit the beach at noon … in DUBAI … might I add.  

At the end of the evening went to a supermarket and picked up some corn tortillas and chicken and a bunch of other stuff. Read a Martha Stewart Churros recipe and got cooking!

My first Churros strangely resembled a Cheeto and was not how I had it in mind – just a little soggy, limp piece of cheeto. The second one turned out better I mixed a Tbsp. of flour in the batter just to get the right consistency. Once that was done I got my very first perfectly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside Churros and boy was I ecstatic! Was not in the mood to make a dark chocolate dip so I just ate them with Nutella.

That was my Churros experience; hopefully you guys would let me know yours 🙂

I’m going to try staying more active since I feel I have been missing out on a lot.

So, until next time!



An odd pair 

It has been quite sometime i haven’t written about anything and quite frankly I didn’t get time to wander off looking for new subject pieces. 

However, due to the sand storm in Dubai for the past two days its gotten worse as going out is not an option at all and I spent half my day cleaning and dusting my room. There was a cake of dust on my phone and almost all my items including my little stuffed dog (don’t judge me). There was an outline of dust around her like you would see in a crime scene !! 

So my friend Laura came over and I wanted to cook something different. I had tagliatelle pasta at home and so i decided to go all crazy with my cooking skills !

Got my pasta boiling took it off the flame once it was Al dente, strained it and kept it aside. Got the cherry tomato sauce with spinach and ricotta and ordered some BUTTER CHICKEN .. YES!! BUTTER CHICKEN .. THAT’S RIGHT! (Those of you who don’t know – it’s an indian dish) Chopped up the chicken into teeny shreds with a little bit of the gravy. 

Threw some butter into the skillet and tossed my Tagliatelle and the butter chicken . Added some seasoning , Rosemary .. Paprika (just to have you guys informed .. that’s all i have in my kitchen .. limited resources) and finally the sauce. 

Garnished it with an egg with a runny yolk and .. voilà !! My butter chicken tagliatelle was all set to be eaten. It was really good alright for those of you wondering what the hell ! Don’t believe me , ask Laura. I do not have a photograph of it unfortunately but one of you gutsy people must try it and lemme know. 

Till then ciao 🙂

Ola !!! Doing it the Spanish way ..

Alright !! Here I go again .. Well hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend .. I know I did and hands down the best weekend ever !!! 

Went shopping with my girls and dined at Salero .. At the Kempinski . It was amazing ! Not my first run there but yea I’m going to tell you all about it right about … Now ! (Exclaimation much ?)

So we started with our usual Caipirinhas (best cocktail ever) and ordered a boat load of Tapas which we finished successfully and bonus points because we saved space for dessert! 

If you ever visit Salero .. These are definitely the must tastes (is that a word ?) .. Croquetas de pollo – chicken and manchengo cheese Croquetes which were godly .. Damn it Priya !! Keep it together 😓 .. Then the Berenhenas a la meil – fried eggplant with cane honey (I never knew eggplants could taste that good), tortilla – traditional spanish omlette , spanish cheese assortment with quince jelly ( incase you are wondering what quince is , well it’s a fruit from the apple / pear family ) , Gambas al Ajillo- sautéed shrimps in garlic and chilli , albondigas con salsa de setas – veal meatballs ( I was going to type in veal balls but didn’t want you to get the wrong picture) in mushroom sauce  and for the sweet finale ( drumrolls please ) ….. Churros with hot chocolate  and a Catalan Creme brûlée!! 

All of those were absolutely amazing and almost felt like a party in my mouth .. Divine !! In my head I did the flamenco .. I was so happy ( I am easy when it comes to food ) . 

A definite must try , cozy seating and cool place to relax. I haven’t tried the Paella (it’s a Valencian rice dish.. Bursting with flavor)  yet .. But I will in my next visit 🙂 

We then headed out to Rock Bottom Cafe and danced the rest of the night / early morning away .. Too many Jäger shots what caused all the dancing 😉

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did eating and writing this !!   

Until next time .. Adios 🙂 

Here’s something different 

This weekend I didn’t embark upon my culinary adventure but instead was watching YouTube and reading magazines ! 

It’s a recent develelopment (give or take a few years) that I’ve been latched onto YouTube and I must say I am amazed by the creativity and talent so many people have put out there for us . Be it comedic shorts , rants , food and travel channels , music and so on and so forth. 

I have been meaning to do this for a long time now , so here’s a shoutout to all those amazing folks out there providing us with all these incredible videos . 

To name my favorites will be a tough task but I would pull out a few whose videos I NEVER miss out . 

I started watching Ryan Higa first about 2 years back and his silly yet absolutely hilarious videos always crack me up ! The how to’s were his initial few videos I think and it totally blows my mind how his brain works or maybe it’s just my kinda humour. 

Moving onto Kevin Wu aka kevjumba is so friggin adorable with his dad who i immidiately relate to my friend’s dad . So cool ! 

Then we have Lily Singh aka superwoman , my desi homie . She’s brilliant , impeccably funny and I think almost every person can relate to her videos . I would definitely say she’s the funniest person on YouTube!

The WongFu Production team .. Philip, Wesley, Ted , Chris , Christina who have gifted YouTube and us with shorts like “strangers again” , “after us”, “the other side of yesterday” to name some , along with rib tickling shorts and “the wong fu weekends”. They have a movie coming up and have been such an inspiration to many including myself not to mention Phil and Wes’s charms ( I’m a girl .. I can’t help it !) 

Jenna Marbles (and “Cermet” , “Marple” and “Paesh” .. You know what I’m talking about of you follow her) never seems to stop amazing us with her witty and weird videos, giving us a a sudden thought of “wow .. I never knew we could make a video on a topic so bizarre!” 

If I had to go on I would but unfortunately i have to get me some rest or I’ll never make it to work !  We have Tyler Oakley who’s a babe, Miranda sings and her oh so amazing voice , The Fung bros food journeys and Guide to Asians , The Fine Bros who’s youtubers react series are just so much fun to watch, Dominic Sandoval’s dance moves and food challenges , make up guru Jen “from head to toe”, singers like Rajiv Dhall, Alex G, Boyce Avenue, Tyler Ward and there I go again ! 

Well it makes me so happy when I watch them all and I (and fans all over the world) appreciate what they do for us and the amount of hardwork they have to put in for every video. 

They have a lot to share with the audience be it life experiences or advice on issues and I feel we immidiately relate to them because they are so original and manage to captivate us with their thoughts . 

I pray you never stop painting smiles on our faces and lighting a spark in our eyes and to add to it I think I am a YouTube addict .. Not ashamed ! 

Margaritas and more ..


, ,

This post is kinda delayed since I was down with flu but that didn’t stop me from hitting the town and enjoying myself a lovely meal with margaritas . 

Started the day craving some good Mexican food and I knew just the place I wanted to go to … Cactus Cantina !! 

Located in the Wafi Mall , not many people might have noticed it due to its hidden location but it serves the best Mexican cuisine in Dubai as far as I am concerned and also if you take trip advisor into account . It isn’t very crowded or Atleast whenever I’ve visited so it’s fast seating and quick service . My starters were on the table in 5 mins after I ordered and drinks in about 2 ! I couldn’t be happier 🙂

And so we ordered ourselves (by that I mean my lovely friend Laura .. I’ve mentioned her before) margarita pitchers and some starters .. Chicken Taquitos and calamari . The calamaris were served with lime alioli which was divine we had to ask for few more helpings (don’t be shy to do so) and the Taquitos were to die for ! Learning from my past experience i had to keep it small on the starters to enjoy my main course for which we ordered classic chicken fajitas !!! Do take me by my word when I say the chicken was TENDER !! Best chicken I’ve tasted in Dubai .. Warning to those  who tend to get greedy with food .. 1 portion is enough for 2 !!! We were a group of 5 and we got ourselves 4 portions which were so hard to finish . The last plate of chicken looked at us longingly hoping one of us would have the courage to dig into it but we gave up . 

To summarize it all it was an excellent meal and a very nominal price for the food and groovy Latin/Cuban/ Mexican/ spanish music. Drinks were a little pricy but it’s alright if you are all gonna pitch in . 

All visiting or staying in Dubai this is definitely a place you must visit ! 

Oh and the large dish on the left was a Burrito chili con carne ( this was from an earlier visit . Horrible picture quality  .. I’d say bad lighting and also to point out that’s where the blog name comes from! Despite being so full I had to get me a burrito) That’s my girl in a not so real sombrrero .. I like to lay emphasis on the rrr . 

Calories don’t count on the weekends 

I’d have to start by quoting “If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul”- Clifton Fadiman  

It’s almost necessary to treat yourself to a fancy Gourmet meal paired with a glass of grape. That’s what I did . 

The JW’s Steakhouse at the JW Marriott in Deira, Dubai was was my destination this weekend and boy must I say it was sublime ….. 

Laura, who has been my food and drinks companion for over a year now , joined me this time too and we ordered almost everything we could off the menu to try em all. 

We started off our culinary journey with onion bread with herb butter , an avacado and cream amuse boushe , pan fried foie gras and lump crab cake with lime tartar sauce. The joy i feel right now just reliving that moment through words is almost indescribable and if you understand food like I do .. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. 

By now I was already on a different level intoxicated by the combination of all the amazing appetizers I tried ( I did order drinks later)

For the main course I stuck to the classic 7oz Wagyu fillet mignon , butterflied ( if you want your meat not that thick ) and my friend ordered a Tuna steak ( you must wonder why?) accompanied with baked potato with butter and sour cream,green asparagus with hollandaise , creamy spinach and sautéed mushroom sauce. I paired it with a New world wine .. a Cabernet Sauvignon , Robert Mondavi , California which I found perfect . It’s elegant , a wine of finesse and polish with refined red berry , currant and subtle vanilla oak notes. It has always been one of my favorites and it’s not too heavy on the pockets either 🙂

To end with a bang and you are probably wondering if I have any room left for dessert .. The answer is I HAD to make room ! The classic Creme Brule was made to perfection and I devoured every bit of it . 

If I had to rate my overall experience at the JW’s , I’d give it a good 9 out of 10 for food. 

All those of you staying in Dubai or even visiting Dubai must stop by this 3 consecutive BBC Good Food award winning restaurant. 

JW Marriott Dining_JW’s Steakhouse


I didn’t get around taking many photos as I was so distracted by the food around me .. Who can blame me for it! 

Until next time .. Ciao 🙂