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This post is kinda delayed since I was down with flu but that didn’t stop me from hitting the town and enjoying myself a lovely meal with margaritas . 

Started the day craving some good Mexican food and I knew just the place I wanted to go to … Cactus Cantina !! 

Located in the Wafi Mall , not many people might have noticed it due to its hidden location but it serves the best Mexican cuisine in Dubai as far as I am concerned and also if you take trip advisor into account . It isn’t very crowded or Atleast whenever I’ve visited so it’s fast seating and quick service . My starters were on the table in 5 mins after I ordered and drinks in about 2 ! I couldn’t be happier 🙂

And so we ordered ourselves (by that I mean my lovely friend Laura .. I’ve mentioned her before) margarita pitchers and some starters .. Chicken Taquitos and calamari . The calamaris were served with lime alioli which was divine we had to ask for few more helpings (don’t be shy to do so) and the Taquitos were to die for ! Learning from my past experience i had to keep it small on the starters to enjoy my main course for which we ordered classic chicken fajitas !!! Do take me by my word when I say the chicken was TENDER !! Best chicken I’ve tasted in Dubai .. Warning to those  who tend to get greedy with food .. 1 portion is enough for 2 !!! We were a group of 5 and we got ourselves 4 portions which were so hard to finish . The last plate of chicken looked at us longingly hoping one of us would have the courage to dig into it but we gave up . 

To summarize it all it was an excellent meal and a very nominal price for the food and groovy Latin/Cuban/ Mexican/ spanish music. Drinks were a little pricy but it’s alright if you are all gonna pitch in . 

All visiting or staying in Dubai this is definitely a place you must visit ! 

Oh and the large dish on the left was a Burrito chili con carne ( this was from an earlier visit . Horrible picture quality  .. I’d say bad lighting and also to point out that’s where the blog name comes from! Despite being so full I had to get me a burrito) That’s my girl in a not so real sombrrero .. I like to lay emphasis on the rrr .