This weekend I didn’t embark upon my culinary adventure but instead was watching YouTube and reading magazines ! 

It’s a recent develelopment (give or take a few years) that I’ve been latched onto YouTube and I must say I am amazed by the creativity and talent so many people have put out there for us . Be it comedic shorts , rants , food and travel channels , music and so on and so forth. 

I have been meaning to do this for a long time now , so here’s a shoutout to all those amazing folks out there providing us with all these incredible videos . 

To name my favorites will be a tough task but I would pull out a few whose videos I NEVER miss out . 

I started watching Ryan Higa first about 2 years back and his silly yet absolutely hilarious videos always crack me up ! The how to’s were his initial few videos I think and it totally blows my mind how his brain works or maybe it’s just my kinda humour. 

Moving onto Kevin Wu aka kevjumba is so friggin adorable with his dad who i immidiately relate to my friend’s dad . So cool ! 

Then we have Lily Singh aka superwoman , my desi homie . She’s brilliant , impeccably funny and I think almost every person can relate to her videos . I would definitely say she’s the funniest person on YouTube!

The WongFu Production team .. Philip, Wesley, Ted , Chris , Christina who have gifted YouTube and us with shorts like “strangers again” , “after us”, “the other side of yesterday” to name some , along with rib tickling shorts and “the wong fu weekends”. They have a movie coming up and have been such an inspiration to many including myself not to mention Phil and Wes’s charms ( I’m a girl .. I can’t help it !) 

Jenna Marbles (and “Cermet” , “Marple” and “Paesh” .. You know what I’m talking about of you follow her) never seems to stop amazing us with her witty and weird videos, giving us a a sudden thought of “wow .. I never knew we could make a video on a topic so bizarre!” 

If I had to go on I would but unfortunately i have to get me some rest or I’ll never make it to work !  We have Tyler Oakley who’s a babe, Miranda sings and her oh so amazing voice , The Fung bros food journeys and Guide to Asians , The Fine Bros who’s youtubers react series are just so much fun to watch, Dominic Sandoval’s dance moves and food challenges , make up guru Jen “from head to toe”, singers like Rajiv Dhall, Alex G, Boyce Avenue, Tyler Ward and there I go again ! 

Well it makes me so happy when I watch them all and I (and fans all over the world) appreciate what they do for us and the amount of hardwork they have to put in for every video. 

They have a lot to share with the audience be it life experiences or advice on issues and I feel we immidiately relate to them because they are so original and manage to captivate us with their thoughts . 

I pray you never stop painting smiles on our faces and lighting a spark in our eyes and to add to it I think I am a YouTube addict .. Not ashamed !