Alright !! Here I go again .. Well hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend .. I know I did and hands down the best weekend ever !!! 

Went shopping with my girls and dined at Salero .. At the Kempinski . It was amazing ! Not my first run there but yea I’m going to tell you all about it right about … Now ! (Exclaimation much ?)

So we started with our usual Caipirinhas (best cocktail ever) and ordered a boat load of Tapas which we finished successfully and bonus points because we saved space for dessert! 

If you ever visit Salero .. These are definitely the must tastes (is that a word ?) .. Croquetas de pollo – chicken and manchengo cheese Croquetes which were godly .. Damn it Priya !! Keep it together 😓 .. Then the Berenhenas a la meil – fried eggplant with cane honey (I never knew eggplants could taste that good), tortilla – traditional spanish omlette , spanish cheese assortment with quince jelly ( incase you are wondering what quince is , well it’s a fruit from the apple / pear family ) , Gambas al Ajillo- sautéed shrimps in garlic and chilli , albondigas con salsa de setas – veal meatballs ( I was going to type in veal balls but didn’t want you to get the wrong picture) in mushroom sauce  and for the sweet finale ( drumrolls please ) ….. Churros with hot chocolate  and a Catalan Creme brûlée!! 

All of those were absolutely amazing and almost felt like a party in my mouth .. Divine !! In my head I did the flamenco .. I was so happy ( I am easy when it comes to food ) . 

A definite must try , cozy seating and cool place to relax. I haven’t tried the Paella (it’s a Valencian rice dish.. Bursting with flavor)  yet .. But I will in my next visit 🙂 

We then headed out to Rock Bottom Cafe and danced the rest of the night / early morning away .. Too many Jäger shots what caused all the dancing 😉

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did eating and writing this !!   

Until next time .. Adios 🙂