It has been quite sometime i haven’t written about anything and quite frankly I didn’t get time to wander off looking for new subject pieces. 

However, due to the sand storm in Dubai for the past two days its gotten worse as going out is not an option at all and I spent half my day cleaning and dusting my room. There was a cake of dust on my phone and almost all my items including my little stuffed dog (don’t judge me). There was an outline of dust around her like you would see in a crime scene !! 

So my friend Laura came over and I wanted to cook something different. I had tagliatelle pasta at home and so i decided to go all crazy with my cooking skills !

Got my pasta boiling took it off the flame once it was Al dente, strained it and kept it aside. Got the cherry tomato sauce with spinach and ricotta and ordered some BUTTER CHICKEN .. YES!! BUTTER CHICKEN .. THAT’S RIGHT! (Those of you who don’t know – it’s an indian dish) Chopped up the chicken into teeny shreds with a little bit of the gravy. 

Threw some butter into the skillet and tossed my Tagliatelle and the butter chicken . Added some seasoning , Rosemary .. Paprika (just to have you guys informed .. that’s all i have in my kitchen .. limited resources) and finally the sauce. 

Garnished it with an egg with a runny yolk and .. voilà !! My butter chicken tagliatelle was all set to be eaten. It was really good alright for those of you wondering what the hell ! Don’t believe me , ask Laura. I do not have a photograph of it unfortunately but one of you gutsy people must try it and lemme know. 

Till then ciao 🙂