I haven’t been very active in keeping up with the blog due to my busy work schedule. Finally decided to manage some time out because I really wanted to share my first ever Churros creation with ya’ll.

I was bummed that I haven’t been able to do a lotta dining out since I always tend to get caught up in various activities. Anywho… Continuing with my gloating about my oh-so-perfect Churros!!

The thought of making it popped when i was texting Laura (by now I’m sure you guys remember her.. the Spanish one)when she was in Madrid and I remembered our several dinners at Salero. “Why not make creamy chicken taquitos with guac and sour cream and Churros!!” was my reaction.

On our day off we headed out to the beach and got ourselves sunburnt , I was hoping the results would be a sexy bronze finish but what can I say , serves me right to hit the beach at noon … in DUBAI … might I add.  

At the end of the evening went to a supermarket and picked up some corn tortillas and chicken and a bunch of other stuff. Read a Martha Stewart Churros recipe and got cooking!

My first Churros strangely resembled a Cheeto and was not how I had it in mind – just a little soggy, limp piece of cheeto. The second one turned out better I mixed a Tbsp. of flour in the batter just to get the right consistency. Once that was done I got my very first perfectly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside Churros and boy was I ecstatic! Was not in the mood to make a dark chocolate dip so I just ate them with Nutella.

That was my Churros experience; hopefully you guys would let me know yours 🙂

I’m going to try staying more active since I feel I have been missing out on a lot.

So, until next time!