Time for another post and this one I am particularly excited about since it was on my Dubai bucket list.

This time Burrito Express dug through the internet to find some good old Korean BBQ restaurant and found it!!  It was not exactly that difficult to find but yeah there were quite a few options that were equally amazing. I put my faith in online reviews and luckily it didn’t fail me. 

HYU Korean Restaurant in Oudh Metha is the place to be if you dig Korean BBQ. The restaurant looks pretty ordinary from the outside and does not show any particular cultural architecture but do not be fooled by that because the food is as authentic as it can get. Private dining rooms with sliding doors and low table seating are available to those who wish to take it the next level and of course you have to be a group. 

The menu was pretty extensive and I definitely needed help with ordering but I knew for sure I needed to try the BBQ. So this time unfortunately I wasn’t accompanied by Laura, instead had another friend of mine with me who shared the same level of passion for the cuisine.  We started our order with the BBQ since that was one this we were absolutely sure about – again variety of BBQs available but we opted for YANGNYUMGALBI which is marinated short ribs which was served with lettuce and sides of Kimchi, sausages, potato salad and a zucchini salad with a sesame oil and wasabi dip. The trick is to wrap it all up in the lettuce leave and take a bite. All the ingredients together, bursting with flavor and complimented the beef so well. It’s a shame there was no alcohol though… only kidding, don’t need alcohol to enjoy my meal (I know  … look who’s talking right?) Anyway … we continued with our order of JJAMPONGBAB which is a spicy seafood soup and I must mention the quantity was way too much for one person. A big ass bowl (was gonna order two of it and our server looked at me hesitant) filled with vegetables, shrimps and mussels and that soup … THAT SOUP was the bomb!!! I could survive just on that for the rest of my life. Lastly we ordered DOLSOP BIBIMBAP which is rice served in a stone bowl and topped with a sunny side up, beef/chicken, sea weed, vegetables, kimchi and Gochujang (Korean Chilli Paste) – Mix it all up and savor the most delicious combination of flavors. 

In all it was a hearty meal and I over ate… Yet again! During all this excitement, me and my friend were trying to communicate with the staff in Korean which was funny because we don’t quite know the language and to add to it the folks in the restaurant spoke fluent English. We probably looked stupid but hey! Can’t blame us we were trying to go all in. 

I have few photographs for you folks to see what I am talking about and no matter where you are do try a Korean BBQ – opens up a whole new dimension.

Until next time!

Annyeong (Working on my language skills)