Hello there !! 

I have been AWOL for like forever now but I am back . (I kinda feel this is my introductory line for almost all my posts lol) Anyway I am back home in India and have been quite lazy to be honest . But who does chores on a vacation right ? I haven’t been doing much cooking but my mum has been making some phenomenal dishes and no restaurant can beat that for sure . 

I have been trying out a lot of different Indian food here and will soon be making a trip to Darjeeling aka the Queen of Hill stations famous for their tea . If you take a walk into the little lanes of this beautiful town you will definitely come across these basic cuisines – Tibetan , Nepalese and Bhutanese. 

It’s something everyone must try, grab few local food items and sip tea while staring at the breathtaking views it has to offer. More on that in my next post . For now I wanted to let you guys know I just made me some baked onion rings . 

It’s baked it’s healthy right ? Anywho .. Added some dried herbs to my bread crumbs to add a little flavor and let it bake . Well the result was pretty good I must say and dunked it in some good old Siracha.

A little picture for you guys .Will see you folks soon .. I will be posting my Darjeeling food experience for sure and will try to post as many blogs as I can . 

Buy bye !