Coming out of writing hibernation feels so good ! I can finally get back to being an active blogger and hopefully be able to keep up with the posts.

It’s been a year since my last post and I know that I was supposed to take you on a culinary trip to Darjeeling which unfortunately didn’t work out but now that I’m back, I will definitely make it a point to deliver as promised.

A lot has changed over a year and through all the crazy work schedule and a roller coaster of a journey, I met someone ( a guy , just incase you are wondering) . So I now have a new partner to food spot  with and no I haven’t forgotten dearest Laura. I’m not sure if she knows that she has a replacement though. If I don’t post any new material in the next two days , you all can probably figure out what must’ve happened to me .. just kidding .. or not ..

We were having a discussion about burgers and I told him that I loved Shake Shack to which he kinda smirked and challenged me that I haven’t tasted the best burgers in Dubai yet . One day after he picks me up from work, we head out for a 5 pm grub grab to Slider Station which according to him is the best place to get your slider game on. The eatery is located in the Galleria Mall. Before I start my ranting, I must say the area around the mall is dope !

So … Slider Station .. where do I even begin ..



I must say I was quite surprised by the many variations of sliders and burgers this place had to offer and it didn’t compromise with the taste and quality of the product which is quintessential. The ambience of the restaurant is very industrial / rustic which kind of made the place look edgy. This was my first visit to SS and my boyfriend’s nth visit maybe.

When you look at their menu , theres like all these tapas items , sliders, burgers and milkshakes. We opted for a few different sliders , truffle shoe string fries and my boyfriend got me to try their Nutella milkshake which is the BOMB !


THE CIRCLE OF LIFE – the slider chronicles

Act 1 : Scene 1

– Enter Dangerous –

Dangerous was a little fiery red slider, her bun so smooth and cushiony. Theres more to her than just a pretty face . Inside that soft exterior lies a chicken fillet so crisp that the crunch sounded like music. The cheese , diced jalapeno and the herby, zesty , creamy Chimichurri Aioli created a beautiful marriage of flavors.

Within seconds she was devoured .

– Exit Dangerous –

Act 1 : Scene 2

– Enter Midnight –

Midnight was like the girl you wanted to be best friends with. Pretty basic with lettuce , cheddar, pickles but had that extra some some, well .. in this case the mustard onions and west coast sauce (she got it from her mama).

She too was devoured in seconds. Not a crumb. Not a sound.

– Exit Midnight –

Act 1 : Scene 3

– Enter Mushroom Swiss –

Mushroom Swiss was like a Gossip Girl upper east sider . Swiss cheese everything . Even the grilled mushrooms and onions had a special sauce. Tasteful and classy.

Devoured in minutes. Put up a fight.

– Exit Mushroom Swiss –

Act 1 : Scene 4

– Enter Wagyu Cheese Steak –

Wagyu Cheese Steak was the basic bitch of the slider world . Wagyu patty , caramelized onion , grilled mushrooms and pepper jack cheese. Pretty amazing and basic.

Well .. this one took quite some time . Space management in my stomach wasn’t going as well as i thought it would.

– Exit Wagyu Cheese Steak –

Act 1 : Scene 5

Like seasons, the sliders passed but the truffle fries was an adamant sob . No matter how much of it I ate , the mini bucket never seemed to end. The fries resembled shoe strings but definitely tasted better. Slightly crisp and very well seasoned #friesonfleek

End of Act 1 .

Act 2 to be continued ..

Writer’s note : The guys at SS do not do take aways so please stuff your face in the restaurant.

Overall , had an amazing time and yes , I would visit again (how else is act 2 supposed to take place).

By the end of this little piece, you must all be wondering why do i not mention my boyfriend’s name and instead have been calling him “boyfriend”, is because .. there is no boyfriend and there were no damn burgers and I just wasted your time.


Just kidding!

He would like to stay anonymous.

More posts to follow.

Grab a burger . Celebrate your existence.