Guten Morgen people !

I’m in Munich as a part of my first business trip to experience Oktoberfest. Yay me!

So far everything I’ve seen is so adorable like the houses, the streets .. very countryside. I just got here a few hours ago and am staying at the Airport Marriott ,courtesy of the company.

Apparently to visit the Oktoberfest tents you are supposed to be dressed in a dirndl , the traditional dress, which I obviously forgot to get. Hopefully I get to buy a really pretty one here.

My Oktoberfest journey begins tonight where we will be heading to Hofbrauhaus and trying some of that authentic Oktoberfest beer and some badass German food. We do have a Hofbrauhaus in our hotel too, as in the JW Marriott Dubai but this obviously is the place of origin because of which I am super excited !

Im waiting for the room at the moment since the hotel’s on full occupancy in this little cafe outside and the weather is just amazing. The cool breeze and the warm sun with my cup of coffee.

Im just gonna listen to some music now and stare at the street . Pretty exhausted from the flight and the endless walking.

Signing off for now ! See you guys tonight .